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>> shepard: the vince a blue command the senator still looking at things. the dow, not as good as other days. on the business network they said the dow will never go down again. poof, it's down. still above 15,000. here's the next show. >> at the hearing the heat is on. house speaker john boehner ups the ante on benghazi. welcome, i'm in for neil cavuto. this is your world. republicans raising the stakes on benghazi, trying to get the reason why the talking points were scrubbed. >> i would call on the police to release these unclassified, enter agency e-mails so the american people can see them. >> we're going to get reaction to all of this from an attorney for one of this whistle-blower. but first to washington on how
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far up the chain this might the going. >> the state department is promising to work with speak are baner and other lawmake tore satisfy outstanding d for benghazi evidence, even though the obama administration saw not much new emerging from the testimony yesterday. >> these issues were sort of hyped up by someone, whether the media or capitol hill, as new information-but we had a thorough and credible investigation. they told some stories that were, again, very personal about their experiences, but in terms of adding new information, about what occurred, that is not what we saw transpire. >> congressional republicans say wednesday's testimony by state department his blowers created new avenues for the investigation of benghazi, and speaker boehner thronged to use all the powers of congress to pursue them. >> i am confident our five
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committeesing too this investigation. they understand very clearly from me that we have a very serious and solemn obligation to get to the truth of what happened. >> democrats on the house oversight committee say the hearings showed the falseie of the claim office white white house coverups and so on,. >> we have to now do everything in our power to get to the bottom of this. we probably still need to hear from pickerring and mullin and others. >> and others. former u.n. ambassador tom bickering and the former chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullline, were on the post benghazi review board and have so far refuseed to testify. >> my next guess represents whistle-blower john thompson, whose job is to respond to terrorist threats. testified he never wad to take
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part in meetings on the benghazi attacks. >> your client claims he was the target of threats and intimidation. by whom? >> well, actually, what -- he actually hasn't said that. what he said was that he was kept out of meetings when he was the key person for providing the support to get on the ground, support personnel to coordinate the activities of the fbi, military, and intelligence. the most important thing about his testimony was he was excluded from meetings, never consulted when his tactical operation and strategic operation what refused admittance on the ground. he was never told why. he was only told that the seventh floor, the white house ask national security council decided not deploy this team which has been deployed at every embassy bombing since then 1990s. >> some democrats are saying
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there was nothing new. just for a second, want you to listen to eleanor holme norton on that subject. >> a full week's buildup for a while i thought they would have trailers before we not there, and then what is the big deal here? i dare anybody who covered the hearing to tell me what new we heard. >> well, spell it out for me. what is new? why is it a big deal? >> well, i'm afraid that miss norton must have been a sleep. and that happens frequently on the democratic side, she may not have realized, this is the first time that people who were actually on the group and work that night testified, with the exception of are in nordstrom, who testified before. and in fact the chief of mission mr. hicks, my client, mr. thompson, actually on duty that night, mr. hicks was on the ground in benghazi. he became the acting ambassador when ambassador stevens was
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murdered. my client was in the counterterrorism facility at the department of state. the committee had never heard from them before and they revealed all sorts of new facts about how information was not shared, about how the military standdown -- they learned about it. shocked by the fact the military was not deployed. yesterday's hearing, which lasted almost eight hours, revealed an entire sheath of new on the ground information that people never heard before. >> speaker boehner is now involved. he is the speaker of the house. does that up the ante, and what is likely to be -- what is possibly in these e-mails that he now wants released? >> well, what is in the e-mails is all of the communication that went on between the white house and the state department about how to handle this, how to talk about it, how to play it publicly, and how to protect the white house and the state department from criticism that they had not protected the embassy. it is now clear that the --
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excuse me -- the consulate and the annex were never sufficiently protected. people did not have to die. they did die that night. four more americansen and that'e other thing. her smarmy monday and conduct. she acts as if nobody died. she insulted the families of the victims that were there that day, yesterday, and she should be ashamed of herself. >> your client was not threatened and intimidated. >> let me tell you something himself an ex- marine, and even though they made his life miserable he didn't feel intimidate because as a marine he never does. >> thanks for joining, former vice-president cheney saying hillary clinton should be subpoenaed if necessary. to guy benson on the political fallout. do you think this spoils or affects hillary clinton's chances in 2016?
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>> well, stewart, i think it's very important to point out, in are and foremost, that the hearings yesterday were not about politics. they were not about hillary clinton and they were certainly not about 2016. the republicans could have show-boated and done some grand standing and they didn't. they asked focused questions and got some real new, usable, interesting, relevant information. so, the people who were bringing up hillary clinton and the politics and the people still who keep focusing on 2016, are democrats, primarily, who accuse republicans of politicizing the issue but they themselves are politicizing it, and to look at benghazi through the lens of 2016, an election three and a half years away, is insulting. it suggests that there are not legitimate questions remaining about, for instance, gosh, eight months later why have there been no arrest? why was there such lax security in a dangerous police should why were there two standdown orders
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from an attack -- >> but look, vice-president cheney is a republican and is saying she should be subpoenaed. he is looking straight at the politics of this, as well as the facts on the ground in benghazi. >> absolutely right. i'm not saying that hillary clinton -- secretary clinton shouldn't be subpoenaed. i think there are number of revelations that came to light yesterday involving her that she needs to answer for. for instance, there were three big ones. the first one was, we found out from gregory hicks he personally called her at 2:00 in the morning, during the attack, and told her about what was happening, specifically that this was a terrorist attack. he said there was no mention of the youtube video, which made its way into those false talking points within the days that followed. secondly can, we found out that hillary clinton, via eric nordstrom, the chief of security in libya, he said that the secretary of state, quote, absolutely was aware of the numerous requests for more
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security on the ground leading up to the attacks, all of which were denied. and finally, back to mr. hicks. he got a phone call from secretary clinton's chief of staff strucking him not to comply and not to cooperate with congressional investigators. he said that was unprecedented in his 22 year career, and when he refused to comply, he was denoted. >> but the public is going to be seeing in the months and years ahead, it's hillary clinton saying, who cares? that emotional -- who cares? that is going to be seen widely. and i suspect that will be used in any attempt by hillary clinton to run in 2016. that will come back, is it not? >> i think what is interesting is we look at 2016, if we're talking about it -- secretary clinton has a high approval rating right now. the secretary of state. she really enjoyed some very good -- i guess she was in a lofty perch and she said out of the muck and near offed a -- of
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everyday politics. now, itch her state department resume or legacy is involved with benghazi, this becomes the big defining moment of her legacy, that's a problem. and you might remember in 2008, she came after barack obama in the primary with the ad about the 3:00 a.m. phone call. he schad literally a 2:00 a.m. phone call on this benghazi situation and she botched it. >> thank you, sir. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. what will the punishment be for jodi arias? the penalty phase about to get underway. we'll take you there live. and eight people charged in a massive bank heist. $45 million from atm counts in 10 minutes.
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the penal phase of the jodi air years trial is about to start. the jury must now decide if arias will get life in prison or be put to death for the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend. dan springer is in phoenix. >> it's called the aggravation phase. supposed to start any minute. we're seeing the great seal of arizona. this is where the prosecutor argues that what jodi arias did was so cruel, she should be put to death. we're told it could be over quickly. they could wrap up today. yesterday arias seemed to fight back tears of the first verdict was read. years earlier from jail the predicted no jury would ever convict her. now the reaction from travis alexander's family, relief and joy. they had to sit through testimony where arias had to paint travis as an abuser. michigan the jury and the public did nod buy.
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a big crowd erupted yesterday when the verdict was read. an hour later arias sat down for a 45-minute interview with a reporter from ksaz and was asked about the possibility she may be executed. >> i said years ago i'd rather get death than life and that still is true today. i believe death is the ultimate freedom. rather just have my freedom as soon as possible i can get it. >> the official at the d.a. office says that could be played for the jury if -- in the'em channel, the options 25, years in life, life in prison mandatory though, death penalty. >> well, he was stabbed 27 times. shot in the head. his throw slit from ear to ear. those are, i think, aggravating factors that the jury will be considering as it determines if jodi arias lives or dies.
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to our legal eagles, rebeca and faith. 27 times he was stabbed, shot in the head. slit from ear to ear. sounds like aggravating to me and she should get the death penalty. >> i don't think this jury is going to deliberate very long in this phase, was it deapproved and heinous and cruel? there's no doubt in my mine, when they put the medical examiner up and show these occupies autopsy photos -- >> you think it was aggravating -- >> absolutely. she killed him three times, as the prosecutor said. >> rebecca you disagree? >> i think -- there's two phases. we're looking at the aggravation phase, whether or not the death penalty should be considered. then her defense will come on again if the jury says yes to death penalty, were there mitigating fact user? and the defense will say her mental levels were under duress.
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will that affect the jury? that might possibly bring her from the death sentence to life in prison, possibly. >> now answer the question should she get the death penalty? for these aggravating circumstances? >> look in this situation, it is so heinous that i don't think there's any possible way a jury will say the crime wasn't heinous. >> now, what do you make of this tape? no lawyer was pressed. why did she make a tape with no lawyer? >> i think jodi arias never met a television camera she didn't love, and she obviously did this against the advice of her attorneys because they left the courthouse and she did that's after they left she is making it difficult for them to argue against the death penalty, because she testified, when she get on the witness stand, they'll across crosse cab he her and say, didn't you say you don't want to live? >> she is not trying to influence the jury because the jury is sequestered and will not see the tape. >> right, but i'm thinking,
1:18 pm
either in her mind because she is gone, or in some odd state of mental saneness, she is thinking this will make her seem insane and will make it easier -- clearly the girl is not -- she is not playing with a full deck. i she is playing with that -- it's actually insanity, probably not. i don't think a jury will buy any of this. i think they'll see the games. >> hold on. if they've say yes, death penalty, and goes to the -- and the judge says, yes you'll die. i suggest it will not happen. s mes will last for decades. >> maybe she won't appeal because she wants to die. >> so she would be executed in record time if she does not appeal. >> the number of years appeals go on -- but maybe she won't do this. >> make this jam for me, rebecca. do you think she will say, i'm not going to appeal appeal?
1:19 pm
i really do want to die. >> i wouldn't have thought that, about remember timothy mcvey in oklahoma city? he said do not appeal me. i want to be put to death. >> what was the time frame? >> the months. will this girl probably say this? it would be shocking because i think she is -- she just looks for a camera, doesn't mean what -- >> both right on that. never saw amera she did not like. she is preening in front of the camera. that's my opinion. >> mine as well. >> thank you very much for being with us. cleveland, ohio, boston, massachusetts. multiple faces of evil, one frightening coincidence. if there was a pill
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holding women captive to
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being held captive in jail. been set at $8 million for ariel castro, they man accused of having a hell house in cleveland. rick? >> the prosecutor just held a news conference steps away from us where he asked the media to give the victims some room, time to heal, not pressure for interview. ahe said they may be seeking additional charges against castro and the ultimate penalty. >> the county prosecutor will engage in a formal process in which we evaluate whether to seek charges eligible for the death penalty. >> castro was in court this morning. never said a word, barely glanced up. chin buried in his collar with his head down. this is a far cry from his behavior in a police report that said he lured each women into a car 'on separate occasions beginning in 2002, beating them, chaining them, repeatedly
1:24 pm
sexually assaulting them over the past decade. according to local reports, the oldest victim, michelle knight, told investigators castro impregnated her five times but forced her to miscarry eave e everytime by staff can her up to two weeks and punching her in the stomach. she says castro forced her to deliver -- amanda's bury and said if the baby die he would kill her. he said amanda got to help because castro forgot to lock the big inside door put was still scared it was a trap because in the past he would reportedly pretend to leave and not tie them up and then beat them if they tried to escape. berry and the third victim, gene in have been reunite with their families. but knight is still in the hospital and is having trouble readjusting to life in the free
1:25 pm
world. that's the latest. >> it's not just cleveland. in boston, federal agencies and police departments taking takine heat after not connecting the dots and letting bad guys run free. the boston police commissioner says he never saw a russian warning about tamerlan tsarnaev, and mike baker is worried this type of miscommunication is happening nationwide. mike, a former cia operative. is this bureaucratic bungling or bad procedure? >> only, it's incredibly frustrating. this has been the holy grail since 9/11. the idea that we need a foolproof system to collate all this information, analyze it all, take the actionable intelligence and get it to local and state authorities in time to prevent or minimizes or disrupt an event.
1:26 pm
and i tell you the truth, it's going to remain the holy grail. it's a human system. so, is it frustrating? yes. you talk about boston as an example. and in boston we have the joint terrorism task force, the jttf, as in other urban centers. that intel analysis center, the director of national intelligence, set up after 9/11 to address this problem. own the boston jttf you had four members of the boston police department. now, what the police commissioner there is saying, look, i didn't know, meaning his people didn't know. sitting on the jttf, about the russian request to the bureau and the cia about the bureau investigation in 2011 that was opened and closed into tsarnaev. that part is very troubling. but i guess i keep falling back to the same issue, which is it's never going to be perfect. >> i want to move on to
1:27 pm
cleveland. there are reports three naked women were spotted in a back yard. a report was made, police officer going to the house, knocks though door, there's no answer, the police officer goes away. it that bad procedure? is it incompetence? what happened there with that? >> right. well, again, you would like to think that everything happens according to or as efficiently as an episode of csi. clearly it doesn't happen, and clearly if -- i don't know about you but if my neighbor if there's a report about three naked women in the back yard wearing dog collars, you're going to expect the police to stay on that. it's pure speculation on my part. i don't want to step out of bounds in terms of what happened with the cleveland police department but i do think in that situation, where you're talking about a investigative effort on a relatively small scale in the neighborhood, you'd like to think it's going to be run to ground. >> let's move on to benghazi.
1:28 pm
clearly during and right after the attack there, there was not a free flow of information. information appears to have been restricted. for whatever rope. now, is that, again, bad procedure? is this the fog of war? what is it? >> well, you are raising an interesting basket of issues here. i think with boston, we're talking about the big overarching issue. all the information floating around. in cleveland, local investigation. benghazi, you're talking bat wilful political decision to ignore the obvious, and they had all the communication in place, and the communication was getting to the people it needed to get to regarding the security, the deteriorating security inenvironment on the ground prior to the attack. they had all the opportunity they needed to improve the security there. they had the opportunity they needed during the live intel feeds the night of the attack to put the military assets up in
1:29 pm
the air. whether you save lives or not, you still have to try. so, i think that was more of a political decision. throughout the course of ben georgia si and the mess in the aftermath, than anything else. >> mike baker, thank you very much indeed. i just got to update the arias trial. at it going to be resuming next wednesday. i shouldn't say the trial. it is looking at aggravating circumstances to decide whether or not she will be executed. moved to next wednesday. that just in. >> allegations of intelligence failures flying on capitol hill today as lawmakers search for answers on the boston bombing. catherine has the latest on that from washington. >> the testimony today was really pretty devastating, what we heard from the boston police commissioners is his guys on the joint terrorism task force new nothing about the fbi's investigation of tamerlan tsarnaev in 2011. >> before the bombing were you if a ware of -- aware of the
1:30 pm
russian intelligence warning regarding tamerlan and the fact he may travel overseas to meet with extremists? >> we have three detectives and a sergeant who are assigned to the joint terrorism task force. one of my detectives is actually in the squad that investigated that. we have access to all the database but we were not in fact informed of that particular development. >> after the fbi investigation in 2011, which concluded there was in evidence of terrorist activity, the falling year tamerlan tsarnaev traveled to russia and spend sixths in chechneya, and dagestan area, and then return to the united states in july of 2012 and that was not flagged. >> we know there was a department of homeland security officer in the joint terrorism task force who was alerted of mr. tamerlan's overseas trips. a trip to russia and the chechen
1:31 pm
region. were you aware of that information before the bombing? >> i was not. >> were the officers on the -- you assigned to the joint terrorism task force if a ware of this? >> they tell me they received no word on that individual prior to the bombing. >> witnesses testified that it was only after the manhunt for the tsarnaev brothers was over that the fbi told at the them the elder brother, term lan, had at one time been under investigation. >> from the time of the attack on monday afternoon, until the shootout friday morning, did the fbi bring to your atention at all the fact that the older brother had been under investigation by the fbi? >> no, we didn't start to look at that until after the shootout. >> three and a half days after and the fbi still did not make you aware of it. >> that's correct. >> we received a statement from the senior fbi officer who runs the boston office, and what it states is that the bureau
1:32 pm
handled in 20,111,000 leads, including tamerlan tsarnaev, and also indicates that when it comes to the joint terrorism task force, it's an electronic system and the bonus is on the boston cop to stay up to date. >> we'll be right back. tony used priceline to book this 4 star hotel. tell 'em why. free breakfast with express deals, you can save big and find a hotel with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes? priceline savings without the bidding.
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>> president obama in texas today, calling for more spending to help create jobs, and he is making his plea in texas. that state having no trouble
1:36 pm
creating jobs on its own, thanks to low taxes and few government regulations. they say, don't mess with texas, and gretchen says, for good reason. >> the president is going to a place which has done the exact opposite from the president's policies with great success. what's going on? >> well, you know, you put it very well. it's the exact opposite. instead of president obama having a message for texas and the nation, i think texas had a message for president obama and the american public and it's follow our lead and what is working. the president believes in exactly the opposite of what has worked in texas. the president has been touting higher taxes, more regulation and more government spending and what we have seen in texas is they have lower spending, less regulations, more fortune 500 companies there, 37 out of the top 500 fortune companys there. houston is second, and home to those next to new york city, and then you have to look at taxes.
1:37 pm
they have no income tax at all. and they have some of the lowest taxes in the nation. >> i see the point that the president went to austin, texas, perhaps the most liberal city in the entire state. >> it is. >> i don't understand what he gets out of this? what does the president game by going into the heartland of his political opponents? >> i think this is a long-term game the president has. he wants to transform america he talked about that for a long time and he has put texas on his target list. it's a long-term state he want told see the democrats take over, and he sees that there is potential there for him, let's not forget, they have some members from the house of representatives here in washington that are democrats in the great state of texas. >> don't you have a poll by your group that says, a large majority, 66% of people, they want spending cuts. they don't want spending hikes.
1:38 pm
>> absolutely. when you look and talk to the american people, they believe a lot what texas believes and that lower spending, 66% of americans believe spending should be cut. and 62% believe that lower taxes would create more next growth. so you have the american public wanting something to be done in jobs and the economy, as that is their primary concern, but that means lower government spending and lower taxes. >> we hear you. thank you. do you dead people? the social security administration apparently does and the costs will kill you. new detail0s of a massive bank heist are out. why you may never look at an atm in the same way again. t their o. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time.
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[chanting] >> to new york,y a fight over flaking is underway. the governor has put it on hold and that could cost billions to john roberts. >> it's another volley in the battle between supporters and a knowns of shale gas drilling and analysis looked at the economic boom from fracking in pennsylvania and projected that to murk state where governor cuomo declared a moratorium on drilling. over the last four years cash-strapped new york state with the highest taxes in the land may have missed out on $8 billion in income and
1:43 pm
revenue. the city of el mire remark current income, less than $36,000 a year. if fracking were allowed, according to the study, that income would rise to $39,540. an increase of $3,500 a year per person. diana roth is the studies author. >> a win-win for new york state, win for the residents, a win for the tax picture. it would be a win for new york's fiscal picture, which would improve. >> the manhattan institute points to pennsylvania towns that are flourishing from natural gas exploration while similar towns in new york state languish. governor cuomo has releasedly delayed a decision whether to lift the moratorium, widely speculated he wants to run for president and doesn't want to lose the environmental vote. >> successful governors have reduced their state's budget deficit. that have put their budgets back
1:44 pm
in -- not the ones caving to political pressure from a small group of environmentalis. >> opponent office fracking have secured the study saying the research is flawed and biased in favor of the industry, but the author insists it's difficult to argue with the boon that frack has brought to pennsylvania, and meantime, mississippi's for just made a move to encourage that work there. some people are embracing this, others not so much,. >> john, thank you very much. speaking of lost money, according to an investigation by the government's accountability office the social security is believed to be paying dead people. gao found records where people lived as long as 12 years and some received a social security number before the program even existed. last year, 2012, improper government benefits totaled
1:45 pm
almost $108 million. >> from lost money to stolen money. eight people charged for their alleged role in stealing 45 million friday atms worldwide. their secret? your pin number. our cybersecurity analyst explains how it went done. let's start with how it happened. how did they do it? can you make me -- i'm a layman, can you make me understand this? >> it looks like they broke into a couple banks overseas, were able to get some form of administrative rights over a variety of different accounts, which allowed them to increase the amount of withdrawal that could occur at an atm machine. from there they took those -- the account numbers and burnt the atm card pins -- i'm sorry -- the numbers on to blank atm cards and had the pins as well via the break-in and they were able to coordinate dozens
1:46 pm
of people in dozens of countries at the same time early in february, mid-february to make withdrawals all at the same time to at the tune of million0s dollars. >> they had seven guys walking around manhattan, new york, with backpacks, just taking money out of atms with these cards, and stashing it in the backpack and just walking on to the next atmment it was like that? >> it was just like that. but not just in new york. it was being done all over the world. >> so armedwide gang that did -- so a worldwide gang that did it. >> a gang, completely organized to the point where the security camera shows they're backpacks were getting bigger and bigger and heavier and heavier. >> how can we protect ourselves from this kind of thing? >> so, unfortunately, you and i can't actually pro-actively protect our account from being compromised when the bank isn't doing their job. but what we can do is to pay
1:47 pm
close attention to our accounts. you can simply monitor your account for unauthorized activity, and refute those unauthorized charges or withdrawals as quickly as possible. there are also many third-party sites that will monitor your transactions and let you know if any large withdrawals or -- have taken place within a day or two. >> if your going to do it yourself you have to do it every day. really regulate. that's it? >> you do need to be diligent. again, there are third-party sites where you can sign up for that you can essentially get notification of any withdrawals, and your bank in some cases will also send you text messages of withdrawals as well. >> robert, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> then we have the immigration debate. just keeps on growing, and now it is getting nasty.
1:48 pm
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from $6.3 trillion in the red to 300 billion in the black. four days after a heritage foundation report estimated that $6.3 trillion price tag on the gang of eight immigration process sal the social security administration says the pill will actually save money. but the washington times says the report does not paint the whole ping tour. spell it out for me. what are we missing? >> the key thing is the report look tuesday first ten years going forward, when you actually have a lot of illegal immigrants who will be paying into the system because they'll be legalized and paying taxes, essentially working on the books. what heritage does is go 50 years into the future and argue if you go that way out you end up with the folks being legalized will retiring at the
1:52 pm
end of that and they'll end up taking more in total benefits, in particular associate security, than they would pay into the system in the near term. so their argument is in the long term you have an imbalance. act wares say in the short term it will help the economy and social security. >> the bill is being written up and this where we get the ad addons, congressmen get a pet project added so they vote in favor of the bill. do you know of any addons we can alert our viewers? >> i don't know we'll get that many specific add ons. this is not like health care where you give somebody treatment for a hospital in their area or medicaid patients, this is whether you want illegal immigrants legalized and what sort of things you want for border security. if you want to talk about special provisions you look at things such as whether you're
1:53 pm
going to put fencing on certain parts of the bored are -- >> are you saying this legislation is different from all other legislation in the past? because every legislative piece in the past, you load this thing up like christmas tree. that's how it's done. are you saying this is different? >> it's different because immigration is not something where you end up with a lot of pork. for example, they will renew a particular service center in vermont, which certainly will help the chairman of the judiciary committee, pat leahy, who is from vermont and it's in his district. so those are part of the bill. that service center already existed right no. you're not going to find a lot of pork but preferential treatment, such as extra border agents or building centers or not building fences in places where senators don't want that. >> i tell you this, we live in hope. steven, washington times, thank you very much, sir. >> my pleasure.
1:54 pm
>> mcdonald's getting grilled over a tweet to the man who helped save the women from a cleveland house of horrors. why?
1:55 pm
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we replaced people with a machine.r, what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. >> mcdonald's wasting no time saluting the cleveland kidnap victims and the guy who helped rescue them. now the maker of the big mac finding itself at the center of a big controversy. fox business network's lauren
1:58 pm
simonettey at a look. >> reporter: this was the tweet heard around the advertising world. mcdonald's tweeting this on tuesday. we salute the courage of ohio kidnap victims and respect their privacy. way to go, charles ramsey. we'll be in touch. here's the back story. charles ramsey, the cleveland hero who helped the three women neighbors he didn't know he had escape the home of ariel castro, said he was eating his mcton ald's when amanda berry asked for help. with that, mcdonald's was in the story gripping the hearts of the nation this week. mcdonald's tells us, quote, over the course of the past couple of days thousands of people have reached out to us expressing their sentiment for monldz to do something for mr. ramsey. we hear them. out of respect for the victims, local franchisees will reach out to him personally. mcdonald's will not say when or if that happened. we asked is mcdonald's announcement of a private action
1:59 pm
the right move. most said yes. thethey inserted themselves in e story and they tweeted taking accuse from the customer. if there's any precedent here, it should be this. last winter times square, a young new york city cop bought a pair of sketchers boots for a cold and hungry homeless man. the story went viral and sketchers said nothing until the company did something a few days later. the moral, like mr. ramsey, companies also have the responsibility to do the right thing, and social media can make that task pretty challenging, stuart. >> lauren, thank you very much indeed. >> good to see. is the l.a. times having an anxiety attack? maybe, because the conservative coakoch brothers are looking at
2:00 pm
whabuying what a conservative paper. unions and liberals don't like it. that will be on the fox business network tomorrow morning, varney and company, 9:20 eastern sharp. that's it from me, and the five starts now. >> hello, everyone. i'm dana perino along with bob beckel, greg gu gutfeld, and ths is the five. a lot of new revelations emerged yesterday from the hearing on the terror attack on our consulate in benghazi. we'll get to those in a moment. first, let's go back to the immediate days after the strike and the explanation we were given by president obama and then secretary of state hillary clinton. >> we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with with. >> you had a video that was released by somebody who lives here, so o

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